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Previous Programs:

January 2018 - Laughter is the Best Medicine

larkinJanuary's ladies night was hysterical as Silica Larkin led us all on some Laughter Yoga techniques and we all shared and laughed and acted out different scenarios.

In laughter yoga, you don't have to twist yourself in knots or even think that anything is funny, but you may find yourself having a lot of fun by the end. You will practice "fake laughing" and "laughing for no reason" for all the physiological benefits in this practice that feels more like party games than exercise.

Silica Larkin has been teaching yoga for eight years in the Greenville area and also teaches through the Leisure Skills program at Clemson University. She enjoys helping people enjoy themselves and feel more alive in their bodies through breath, movement, and awareness.

October - Kindness Rocks

The Ladies Night kick off was painting kindness rocks for our Kindness garden. Everyone enjoyed painting rocks for all to see

November - What does Thankfulness look like to you?

We had a wonderful time at our Ladies night on Saturday. Everyone either brought items that represented what they are thankful for or shared a story that expressed their thankfulness. From the freedom we have in this country to a prayer shawl made by loving hands. The evening ended with a circle dance of praise for all of our thankfulness

September - Cultures


Our First Ladies night was wonderful. We heard from Jil Littlejohn about her trip to Dubai and UAE over the summer as well as to Belgium for a Sister Cities Delegation trip. We asked questions and learned about the cultures of one another and were able to share with eachother over some tasty Turkish desserts that were prepared for us.



February - Third Culture Kids: A Clash of Cultures.

Melodee Means was able to give us a wonderful presentation on what a Third Culture Kid is. We learned so much about this subject and how interesting it is to explore our culture and who we are.



January - The Greenville Ladies Night was well attended by approximately 25 ladies!

We heard from Nicole Martin with Raspberry Moon Skin Therapy, She took us on a virtual trip through her six week trip she took to China, Tibet and India. We learned all about the cultures that she visited, some of the customs and were able to drink Chai tea and eat traditional rice pudding....
Everyone had a great time getting to know each other over the refreshments that were prepared for afterwards.


October - Dances of Universal Peace

October's Ladies Night was hosted by one of our previous "Ladies Night' attendees at her home. We would like to thank Anne Bosch for opening up her lovely home to all of us and serving such a beautiful meal. Anne hosted us on the topic of "Dances of Universal Peace" and all the ladies joined hands and sang songs of Universal Peace while performing simple dance moves (note: Photographer was dancing and holding hands and unable to take any pictures of this) Thank you again Anne for your willing hospitality.