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Volunteers of South Carolina Dialogue Foundation spend time with some of the senior citizens in their nursing homes. Many of them don't get visited over the Holidays, and some never get visited.  Volunteers visit elderly people and talk to them face to face.

We believe that just a little of our time can mean so much to someone who believes they are forgotten. This is something which everyone forgets or have no time nowadays. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that the elderly people should not be abandoned by themselves. Visiting them once a while or spending some time with them will give them happiness.

In addition, it is important to remember that one day we may be the person in that wheelchair or bed. We will want visitors. We will want to know that people love you enough to overcome their reluctance to visit a nursing home. We will also want to know that your loved ones are watching out to make sure you are well cared for. So, we think that visiting them is a considerable social responsibility.


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