SCDF tries to its best to form bridges between Turkish and American community. We believe that meeting people of different background and observing their culture is one of the important steps for understanding the other side. Therefore, SCDF organizes annual cultural, dialogue and business trips to Turkey. During these trips members of Turkish and American communities get together with their peers and exchange ideas and observe each other.

      While in Turkey, participants have the opportunity to visit with civic, educational, governmental and other individuals and organizations, as well as visit historical and cultural sites and enjoy meals in the homes of Turkish families. This hands-on, immersive experience of Turkey breaks down any previously held stereotypes.

Main goals of these trips are:

  • promoting mutual understanding through dialogue and discussion among the American participants and the Turkish society;
  • introducing and providing broad exposure to and education of Turkish cultural, political, economic, and social issues; and
  •  to allow participants to gain an understanding of topics, including but not limited to, national security, foreign policy, trade, health, economic development & finance, the media, government affairs, religious diversity, minority rights, and any other achievements of contemporary Turkish civil society.

Trip to various cities in Turkey are organized in every year starting from 2006. The groups consist of 10 to 14 people including two guides from SCDF.  The primary participants of these trips are the community leaders such as university professors, journalists, civic leaders and clergy from different communities, who have been advocates for dialogue and mutual respect.

       These visits have been honored by many distinguished people so far, such as Dr. Bruce Yandle, Dr. Imtiaz Haque, Dr. Bill Maker, Dr. Peter Cohen, Dr. Cecil Huey, Dr. Clayton D Steadman, Dr. Raymond Sauer, Dr. Steven Morgan, Dr. Barbara Speziale,  and Altheia Richardson. 


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