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Have you ever wanted to learn about Henna? At the Istanbul Cultural Center's Henna classes, you can learn about the history and significance of Henna as well as how to create your own design! Join us for three classes hosted by Berfinnur Aydin where you will learn how-to-henna! 

The first class will be on Saturday June 25th from 2pm until 4pm. Also for sequential Henna classes, there should be time for Tuesday (6 pm-7:30 pm) and Saturday (2 pm-4pm). The cost is $45 for three sessions! We will supply the tools needed for Henna (ie: henna tubes). It will be a hands-on experience where you will be instructed how to create your very own henna on yourself!

Please see our FB page for videos, pics and info on the Henna Nights as well   


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 Latest Henna class was a great success!


On July 7, 2016 Istanbul Cultural Center at the Atlantic Institute Columbia hosted our How to Henna night and it was a great success! We had around 20 people in attendance and all enjoyed a night of learning the history of Henna as well as the techniques to be able to apply Henna to themselves. The instructor Berfinnur Aydin, from Saudi Arabia, showed the students the various designs involved in typical Henna art and helped bring the designs to life on the hands of the attendees.