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Istanbul Cultural Center is hosting it's first ever Turkish Cooking Contest! 
We have been hosting cooking classes for the past two years and now it's time for some of our participants to put their skills to good use. 
There are two ways you can RSVP...One way is as a Contest Participant and the second way is as an officially unofficial additional taster! 
The date is August 1st from 1-3 at the pavilion at Butler Springs Park in Greenville : 
If you will be a contest participant, please check off the additional box next to the RSVP below. Any Turkish dish or dessert will qualify to be entered, although the ones you've learned from the cooking class are preferred. You will need to cook your dish at home and bring it to the park by 1pm to be in the contest. Christina will contact you with any additional rules and answer your questions you may have about the dish you are preparing. 
If you will be an Officially Unofficial Additional Taster...then your job will be can just gather with your family, enjoy the day and be ready to eat! 
RSVP here:
Turkish Cooking Contest
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